Wednesday, May 15, 2013

South Carolina: Bill to Ban Exotic Pets for Sale

Legislation in South Carolina would make it illegal to sell and own numerous types of exotic pets, including lions bears and boa constrictors.

Representatives from the Humane Society, the agency that helped craft the bill, tell us public safety and proper care of animals are the driving factors behind the bill. Others say exotic and "dangerous" animals simply get more bad publicity than good.

If you are not aware, there is a rather sizable contingent of reptile and exotic animal enthusiasts in the United States.  You can find ads for various types of pet monkeys, iguanas, snakes and lizards and even exotic domesticated cats. 

If you are interested in searching for various exotic animals for sale, here are some links to a website with free classified ads listing exotic pets for sale, including:

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iguanas for sale
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Whether it be the numerous trade shows occurring on a nearly weekly basis or the litany of blogs and forums dedicated to the subject online, there is quite a passionate interest in this subject.  

 However, the support to keep these animals available has been overwhelming."It is probably the second or third most opposed bill I've seen since I've been here," said Rep. Kirkman Finlay. "Various people feel their livelihood will be negatively impacted."

 It doesn't sound like this bill is going to find much support in South Carolina, but you wonder when it will spread to other states.

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